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David Givens is still a free agent.

Givens still available

<Mar. 11> While Cleveland's team website reported last night the Browns had reached an agreement with Givens, the wide receiver is actually headed to Miami on Saturday to visit with the Dolphins, ESPN.com's John Clayton reports. Givens was scheduled to visit the Browns on Sunday, but has changed his mind and will go to Houston to meet with the Texans on Sunday. The price tag for Givens went up above where the Browns wanted to pay.


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As a diehard fan... I'm going with whoever the organization feels like is the best fit...

I'm not taking the "easy out"...

Just stating the obvious, every NFL fan out there wishes they had our organization!!!

Hail Yes!!!

Great add with Lloyd at WR!!!

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Givens? He'd be coming here this weekend if we were interested. we're not. best of luck wherever he goes, but he won't be in B&G next year, you can take that to the bank. (Interesting note: If he and Culpepper go to Miami, that will be a good O w/ Brown and Chambers to boot.)

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