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best place to buy computer monitors


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Im in the market to buy a couple monitors for personal use, and was wondering if any of you had any personal experiences with places that had good prices. Im looking for two flat screens. Ive heard that lcds are better than plasma for gaming cause plasma has a slow refresh rate, is this true?

Ive browsed tigerdirect and pricewatch, and if anyone has bought monitors online I would like to hear about your experiences and suggestions about where the best place to buy monitors is.

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Costco has worked for me. The problem with buying online is that you can't quality varies a lot with monitors, online merchants often have very tough return policies if you aren't 100% satisfied with image quality, and with monitors a few bad pixels may not meet the criteria of a defective product.

The issue with plasmas was burn in more than refresh rate. The burn-in issue has gone away. LCDs suffered from refresh rate issues but are usually also OK now (you should aim for a refresh rate of 12-16 milliseconds). However, satisfactory refresh rate is in the 'eye of the beholder' and so this is another reason to buy locally so that you can return it without cost if it doesn't make you happy.

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