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Early Start for Redskins one? Antonio Brytant ?


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Previous Arrivals/Departures

Flight# Type Dep Time Arr Time Date

BLOCKED GLEX JQF 22:06 DAL 00:49 03-10-2006

BLOCKED GLEX DAL 05:06 JQF 06:38 03-10-2006

BLOCKED GLEX JQF 06:52 IAD 07:28 03-10-2006

BLOCKED GLEX IAD 17:42 CMH 18:37 03-10-2006

BLOCKED GLEX CMH 19:05 IAD 19:45 03-10-2006

Is it possible ? Antonio Bryant? Am I reading this wrong? According to this the redskins had visted are going to CMH which is in Port Columbus Ohio

.. or was this for a meeting or something? or is it alittle 2 early to decide?

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Good post. Concise info. However, given we have ongoing tracking being done in another thread and a guessing thread going on, we should probably limit this so I'll close it. Please put this good info there if you could where most are looking for it.

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