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Something needs to be done.


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Like our beloved league, I see this board heading toward an empasse. Something needs to be done about the handling of repetetive posts, because it is fast becoming a dividing issue here on the board. Somewhat like the NFL's haves and havenots, we have two sides to this argument, both with valid points but in this case there is only one with any real power to do anything about it.

Side 1: "I am sick and tired of sifting through all of this repetetive drivel to find something new and interesting. Close all these repetetive threads immediately and ban the assclowns that keep posting them! This is getting out of hand."

Side 2: "Deal with it! That's the nature of a message board. I should have as much right to post my thoughts as anyone else does. This is a place where people are supposed to be able to come and interact with other redskin fans, not be insulted and marginalized just because they think like many others"

Both of these sides have a point. Now the question becomes what do we do about it? I for one am sick of all the ****ing and would like to find an alternative. I'd like for us to use this thread as a forum for ideas on how to create a better extremeskins for all of us. Please post serious ideas on how to improve the board, and please try to consider the efforts required of the moderators when you formulate your ideas. I'll start it off myself.

I'd like to see a little more seperation of the forums. I think it would make it easier to find what you prefer to read about or discuss, rather than having everything Redskins related in the stadium. By this I mean having a specific draft discussion forum, free agency forum, etc. to break things down a bit and limit the post volume in each individual forum thereby making it a bit easier for users to find what they want. You don't want to read about Vernon Davis being a beast for the 5 gagillianth time? Ok, don't go in the draft forum. Mods would still have to oversee things, but It would be less merging and more moving things around, hopefully with a net gain of zero or even a loss in required effort for them.

My other complementary idea could be a little bit dividing in and of itself, but I'll float it anyway becuase I think it could work. Why not have a "geezers only forum" (maybe call it the club seats section or something) for those individuals who have been around, paid their dues and proven they can behave. Make it a limited access forum for those posters who have a certain number of posts or above, and have behaved themselves. This would be a way that the vets around here could get away from the "kids" if you know what I mean and have more meaningfull discussions without having to scroll through 125 posts of "what he said" to find what they want. It serves both side's purposes. It gives those who have earned it a break from the madness that can be the open forums, but also allows the everyday user the freedom to post his thoughts on the Lavar situation in the regular forum without drawing the ire of all the vets and getting his thread closed or merged. This would allow the mods to back off on all the merges etc and hopefully cut their workload down a bit. It also offers posters something to work toward besides a cooler avatar, and provides an incentive for good behavior. One thing I would suggest is that users below the post # cutoff should be allowed to view the threads, but not be allowed to post in them. Like guest access. We may be cretans but we should not be denied a look at the enlightened one's ideas. LOL!

So, anyone else have any ideas for the greater good?

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Check out Ryman of the North's conversation. THIS is what I'm talking about when I say GOOD vets are hurting us too. This is a dead on, thoughtful post. But, why here? Why not on another front page post that is getting a conversation going?

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