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Lavar is Gone??? I say Good!


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Did anybody else see the ending to the Tampa Bay game? Lavar had a perfect angle on Mike Alstott's 2-point conversion and he left his feet to make a "Big Hit"! Well Mike bounced right off Lavar and got in the endzone (He didn't REALLY get in but we all know the outcome). Does anybody else watch Lavar when he rushes the passer? If he gets picked up by a lineman he gave up. He would just stop rushing. He could not tackle Tiki Barber. He had bad angle of persuit and according to the Coaching staff did not know his assignments. I think the only reason he played so much this year is because he was such a distraction to the rest of the team. If he was not a "fan favorite" he would have to ride the bench all year. I do wish him good luck (unless he ends up on a NFC east team) because he was a Redskins, But I am glad he is gone. If we get a solid MLB to step up and move Marshall back over to Weak side LB we will have a better LB core than last year. I wish no ill will to you but I am glad your not a Gibbs type guy.

( I hope this thread has not already been started, I looked a little... but this thread is strictly to talk about how Lavar was over-rated by the Redskin fan base and how we are a better team without him)

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