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Why the lack of a new CBA is good for the Redskins


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I know a new CBA will help us sign some of our own free agents and address our needs at WR, DE and backup OL but I am seeing so much more good than bad through this whole process. While the national media is blasting us and calling for doom and gloom all over Redskins Park, JG is working quietly behind the scenes to make sure that we do what we have to do to get under the current cap without destroying our team.

Gibbs always talks about his nucleus of players and how they run the team and get everyone else on board. Well, the nucleus of this team has taken hold. Springs, Wynn, Jansen, Portis, R. Thomas, Brunell and possibly LaVar have all agreed to restucture to keep in place what Gibbs has built over the last 2 years.

It is no coincidence that the Redskins won super bowls in the years of the last 2 major labor disputes because JG is the ultimate leader of men and that is essentail in times of unrest and turmoil. So, when this current CBA crap is all over every Skins fan needs to be proud of these "nucleus" players stepping up at a crucial time and putting the team first. Every Skins fan will look back at this crucial time and realize that the Redskins are finally a true TEAM again in every sense of the word. This is truly the first time we can say this since Gibbs left the first time.

Stand up Skins fans because we are now ALL THE WAY BACK!!!!


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Gibbs has always said, we have a plan. For some reason, the media is trying to make it look like we are being caught off guard. People need to realize that Gibbs is meticulous in everything he does. We aren't going to be surprised by the salary cap, whatever it is.

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This was definitely a good sign that the players have bought into his system. Gibbs is at his best when things are going bad. Like the 3 game losing streak. I had the great opportunity to hear him speak then to talk with him in 1993 at an EDS conference. A lot of Microsoft big-wigs were there as well. Everyone had the same opinion later. That Gibbs is just a natural born leader. Gibbs could be a CEO or an NBA basketball coach and he'd still be successful. He knows how to inspire and motivate. That's the key.

How great a President do you think he'd make? Too bad he wasn't a little younger. I could see JJG being one of the best ever. Up there with Regan. But then again, it would be a demotion. He's already the most powerful man in D.C. :)

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