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My perfect day

mardi gras skin

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We won.

We not only won, but we scored 30+ points and its not pre-season any more. Maybe the commentators should spend less time talking about Spurrier catching up to NFL defenses and more time about NFL defenses cathcing up with Spurriers offense.

Dallas lost.

They not only lost, but they lost to the EXPANSION team. And not just any expansion team but one with lots of injuries and bearing the name TEXANS.

OK. That in itself makes this week special. But on top of that (and this is where this week becomes personally special) In my first year to dabble in fantasy football, I'm 55 points ahead of the second place team in my league. Thank you Priest Holmes, Travis Henry, and Stephen Davis.


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Hmm. Yeah, that's a pretty good day, overall.

You DID get laid too, though ... right? ;)


This is where, if Mardi is right about Things, lightning comes arcing out of the clear blue sky and leaves a smoldering stain where Om used to be.

[holds breath, grits teeth, clicks "Submit Reply"]

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