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Om Break Out Sammy & Let"s Go To The Big D Boards!!!!!!!!


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Tempting, brother ... very tempting. :)

Just that I gotta get up for work at effing 5:30 tomorrow.

And my Killian's buzz has been, um, buzzing ... since about noon today. I'm reaching my peak of mellow.

Gonna go crawl into a good woman here in a minute.

Feel free to agitate without me, though. I'll be there in spirit.


Funny, part of me actually feels it would be bad form to kick that sorry dog when it's down. But MOST of me knows if the boot was on the other foot, they'd be here in droves right about now.

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Just visited a a couple of the bigger sites on the net..... I behaved..... and it's just a tad...... tense over there. Downright unpleasant. Quincy's being benched by many a poster and a losing season has been predicted.... several times. Ugly with a capital Ug. :cheers:

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