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Here are some interesting anagrams of celebrities:

• Britney Spears: best PR in years

• Justin Timberlake: I'm a jerk, but listen

• Madonna Louise Ciccone: occasional nude income. & one cool dance musician.

• Arnold Schwarzenegger: he's grown large n' crazed

• Elvis Aaron Presley: Seen alive? Sorry, pal

• David Letterman: nerd amid late TV

• Clint Eastwood: old west action

• Jennifer Aniston: fine in torn jeans

• Saddam Hussein: UNs said he's mad

• Howard Stern: wonder trash

• Frodo Baggins: bad ring's goof

• Sherlock Holmes: heh smells crook

• Monty Python's Flying Circus: strongly psychotic, I'm funny

• Princess Diana: end is a car spin

• President Clinton of the USA: he finds interns to copulate

• Buffy the Vampire Slayer: pithy female braves fury

• Agatha Christie: rich hag is at tea

• Oscar Wilde: I lace words

• Ronald Reagan: an oral danger


Anybody else know any good ones?

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