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salary cap changes??...


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there has been much talk of the cap changing dissapearing and stuff of that nature... but what is the reality of the case??... does anyone know forsure on what is happening with the cap situation...

also, about 2 months ago... there was talk of the skins "cap situation" to be much over projected and that they actually were not in as much of a pickle that they were made out to be.. i dont think thats true but does anyone else no any different\

lmk, Jake

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The search engine is your friend young man

Currently though the Redskins are projected to be 20 million over the cap of 95 million for this year, with the current CBA

If a new CBA is signed before March 3rd, the cap will jump to somewhere in the 100 million to 104 million range, giving the team a lot more flexibilty

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