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The Northwest Regional Control Center will stabilize and control electricity


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Feel Good story of the day:


The Northwest Regional Control Center will stabilize and control electricity

by Polli Barnes Keller

Gulf Region North

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Mosul, Iraq—There is no totally functioning system in Iraq designed to tie all the elements and control functions of the National Electrical Network together.

The Northwest Regional Control Center, or NRCC—a $4.9M system developed to improve the reliability of the country-wide automatic monitoring and control system—is under construction in the Northern provinces. This control center is being built by local construction companies while the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers provides quality assurance and over-watch on the project.

The objective of the system is to improve the operation and reliability of the electrical network’s communications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, systems. The control center will monitor and control more than 40 electrical substations, power plants and transmission lines in six governorates. It will also help stabilize the electrical flow in the northern part of Iraq and evenly distribute the allocation of power throughout the region.

“A healthy man should have healthy arms, healthy eyes and a healthy heart,” said Saman Mosai, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project manager-electrical sector. “Without a healthy brain, this healthy body means nothing. It could work…..but in a crazy way!”

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Thats the standard mantra, but if you check whats been done they are removing ALL old 1944 pieces no longer made, running cables and setting it up for distant future.

As opposed to the Ponzi scheme that was pre-war.

please try again.

If you'd like to get into the pre-ware / post war debate on water/electricty/agriculture please do...

Provide overall background of the facility, times and issues..

I'll provide overall background of the facility, times and future ramifications.

This project also includes new technology, an Electrical Network Communications system, based on fiber optic cable embedded in the ground wire for the 400Kv and 132Kv transmission system.

The design and construction of the Electrical Network Communication system provides high speed data links between the National Dispatch Center, Regional Distribution Control Centers and the local Distribution Control Centers.

In addition, it will form the primary path for high speed data links between the RTUs and the individual SCADA Master Stations. It will also establish a voice, inter-tripping, and video network to support the daily operation of the entire electrical network.

In the total Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Program, there are 434 electricity (generation, transmission, distribution, and monitoring and control) projects planned nationwide, with 132 currently ongoing and 123 completed.

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