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Out of bounds stop the clock


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Sorry for asking such a basic question but I just noticed last night watching the pro0-bowl.

I thought whenever the ball went out of bounds the clock stopped but i noticed (then sadly tried it out on madden on the ps2) that this is not the case sometimes it stops sometimes it keeps running.

can somebody explain the rule to me please ?

sorry im a newbie !

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They should have the rule like they do in college where the clock stops after every first down in the wining moments of the half/game.

I think they used to play this way. Adds to the value of a first down. I also like stopping the clock for the ball going out of bounds. I hate the "down the ball" play. Teams should have to give up yardage (5 or 10 yds) in addition to the down when they down the ball intentionally to stop the clock.

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It only stops with 5 min left before the half or the game.

Every other time it stops temporarily, until the ref sets the ball, then they start it back up again..

To add...

I believe it's only the last 2 minutes of the first half in which the clock stops on an out of bounds play. And then the last 5 minutes of 4th quarter and OT.

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