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Question about the NFL network games...


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I know that the redskins will play thanksgiving night on the debut of the nfl network. Does anyone know if that means you will have to pay extra for the NFL network? Will be more like ESPN is now where it is just part of your cable and satellite packages? If anyone knows the details, fill me in.

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I have direct TV and it is included. It is also like the bible to me. Simply the best chanel on tv. I don't know if cable has it included or not. Just call 1800DIRECTV and you wont have to worry about cable again. It's cheaper than cable too. I've had three direct hits from hurricanes the past two years. When the wind dies down every tree in the yard has been whiped out, shingles ripped off, house flooded. no power for weeks, but that little dish dish has always been there, never even losing a signal. The cable was out for over a month. Soon as I pulled the cord on my generator Ihad cold beer and NFL NETWORK! LIFE IS GOOD!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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