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All the Highlights are now availiable


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Ok guys, you all have asked for it:

All the highlights I have (and some uploaded by throxx) are now on my site with a menu:


Access the videos by clicking on the caption (or right click - save as...) under the picture.

Please note: I did not make any of these videos.

I tried to give credit where credit is due (i.e. if you had credits on the video I put your name up).

If I missed your name, let me know and I'll put your credit on the video.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.

Have fun.

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I hate making requests, but is it possible to get the Antonio brown run back, or any of the cardinal highlights?

I was at the game, but didn't see the highlights.

Anything would be appreciated. :cheers:

I know what you mean. I was there at the game too, but living in AZ doesn't help since they do not televise their home games.....stupid team.....

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Thanks thr0xx. You da man!

BTW, what does thr0xx mean?. There has to be story behind it.

Thanks. :cheers:

well it doesnt have any great importance, its orignally Throx from a game called Unreal Tournament which i used to play like 5 or 6 years ago. at first it was just throx, but it was taken...so i just switched it to thr0xx. it kinda just stuck with me thru the years. it has no redskin meaning at all :cool:

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