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What percentage of the crowd at Ford Field will be Steeler fans?


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Anyone catch the comment by Aikman on last night's NFCCG telecast? He recalled back to Super Bowl XXX when Troy's Cowboys went up against the Steelers in Tempe, AZ. Aikman estimated that the majority (he said 75 percent) of the crowd was cheering for Pittsburgh. While I don't know if Troy's estimate was that precise, I found it amazing that the Steeler fans would outdraw Cowboy fans (who allegedly have a strong national following) by that much, particularly in a game that was only 1,000 miles from Dallas.

Then again, I remember a game within the past few seasons at Texas Stadium where Steeler fans came in full force (can't remember exactly, but I believe there were tens of thousands of Steeler fans). Pittsburgh is only 300 miles from Detroit. What are the implications here? Looks like a lot of online brokers are asking in the low $2,000s for the cheapest seat at Ford Field (face value $600).

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definitely over 70%

Did you see the Best Damn piece where Jalen Rose went to a Detroit barbershop and asked a guy there what he would want to tell anybody coming to their city for the game and he said, "Don't bring any illegal drugs. We already have enough."


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