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did anyone happen to catch that asshat Mark Schlereth on tv kissing denvers ass and slapping the skins in the face? he said after st's incident against seattle that the organization lacks class for not banning him like philly did to t.o. i was completely floored by this, because all year long he has been slapping us in the face, after being one of my favorite skins at one time years ago. he was a probowler for us, he helped us win a superbowl. i used to have respect for the guy, but he's a total douche now. he talked up how great it was to be an ex bronco and how great the organization was, and failed to acknowledge even being a former skin. it seems like his time here was erased out of his memory. why does he hate us so much?

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That's twice today you've been guilty of violating the following rule:


8. Please use descriptive and accurate subject titles for your posts. Adherence to this rule assists visitors in utilizing discretion when selecting content to read. It also serves to notify members if a particular topic has already been posted and discussed, and potentially prevents multiple threads being started on the same topic.


A 3rd offense will lead to a temporary ban.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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