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Ray Brown Redskin Coach?


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(searched for this but did not see anything about this mentioned in the Ray Brown retires thread)

I had thought last year when people had expected Ray Brown to retire that there was talk about him being a coach, or that he currently was a player slash coach with the Redskins anyways.......

Is this guy looking to coach next year or in the future?

The guy appears to me to be not only a great future assistant coach but down the road a great coach......

The guy appears to not only have a ton of respect from the fans but also all the players.....

he seems to be extremely knowledable about the game and is just someone who is a 'natural' leader.

Are the skins looking to bring him on as an assistant coach?

Is he even looking to be an assistant coach? Or is he looking to take some much due time off to relax......

If it turns out that he is taking time off, I can guarantee you at some point this guy is going to make a great coach........we would be fortunate enough to have him on our staff......

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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