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Rex Grossman hype!


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Boy I will be glad when Carolina shuts him down today. The media is acting like he is the second coming. He has started seven games in his career, I think he is in for a rude awakening today about playoff football. Even if the Bears pull of a close win cause of their D they will fare no better than us in Seattle. They have no more offense than us and Seattle will put up at least 20 points next week now that they are back in the groove of playing again. Carolina has the best shot to knock off the Hawks cause they can score.

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He played well but not the Bears' answer. He's a Spurrier system back just like every other Florida QB that went to the NFL. Shane Matthews, Woeful, (one of the Johnsons. Doug? Rob?)
I'd take him over Orton. Based on the QBs the Bears had over the years, Grossman's probably the most talented one since McMahon, who also couldn't stay healthy.
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