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If Alexander hadn't of gotten injured...


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we would have won the game. The Seahawks completely opened up their playbook when the MVP went down, and took advantage of our lack of depth at corner...(springs was also injured)

We are so good against the run...Seattle, however, would have kept given S.A. the rock (minimum 25 carries) and he would have had minimal production.

Another point to add, if it's a homegame, Hasselbeck doesn't get a chance to audible to the game clinching run by FB Mack Strong. Also, IF Shaun Alexander was in the game, they would have given him the rock and he would have been stopped. Furthermore, Maurice Morries, (on their 1st td drive) showed a quickness that Alexander doesn't have when he darted for 2 1st downs, both on third and one. I'm not saying by any means that Morris is better then Alexander; All i'm saying is that we match up better against the slower Alexander, because we played discipline fundamentally sound D, unlike those NFC WEST joke teams who have no clue how to stop him.

Thats the difference Homefield makes. Its ok guys, it's almost impossible to beat the #1 seed on the road. We actually made a game of it. I'm proud of our team right now.

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