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What posters wrestled in High school or college


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I just wanted to know what members are also wrestlers.

I wrestled 45 as a fresh

57 as a Soph.

67 as a Jr.

85 as a Sr.

I wrestled 88 my freshman year got hurt.

I was a HS coach for 8 years, until my back surgery.

Thinking about trying to do it again as soon as I start feeling better. I just love the sport. It is very hard to just walk away.

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I did.

118 Lake Taylor High Norfolk VA

126 White Plains High - NY

126/132 White Plains - NY

I know what you mean Tommy. I decided to try wrestling because the gym coach said it was the toughest sport and I wanted to get tough. I spent my first year mostly counting lights but I was hard as h#ll to pin. My highlight came at the end of the year when I snaped a bone in my hand on an early takedown shot (I HEARD it snap) and refused to quit, going so far as to lie to the coach. I lost the match but I finished it and at one point even pulled a switch with my broken hand (that S#!T HURT!). As bad as I sucked as a wrestler that year, the coach later called me the toughest wrestler on the team, used me as an example of never quiting, and called it the best match of the year. I had never done anything in my life to earn such praise and from that point on, this skinny little punk was hooked. My later years in New York I got pretty good. Went to a bunch of tournaments and took first or second in most. I never got to the point where I was one of the very best but as a team, we won the conference and divisional championships as underdogs.

Very cool that you went back to coach. I was never that focused after high school. It took me years to find my path. I admire your choice and dedication to the sport.

Notice something Tommy? Two people with very bad backs who both wrestled? I always felt that wrestling should come with a warning lable. For some people it can be brutal on the spine and joints. I have been twisted (and twisted others) in ways that the human body was never designed for.

The worst part is that I still love it. It's one of th few sports outside of footbal that can get my blood pumping to watch.:cheers:

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Mad mike, I know what you mean about the injuries. I hurt my back the first time my fresh year in college. But in HS I broke almost every finger and some twice. I dislocated my shoulder twice sprained knee and ankles a few times. And I had a nasty Rocky incident with my left eye. I was wrestling a guy who was as tough as me and there was no way either one of us was going to get a pin and knew it was going to be a battle for points. He was a dirty SOB. He kept sitting out and slamming his head backwards into my face and left eye. My eye swolled up like rocky by the 3rd period, my girlfriend was almost crying in the stands. Then he did it again and popped it. Blood went all over the place. She saw that and she started to cry. The ref stopped the match so the head/lightweight coach could clean me up before restarting. I looked up at her and said" YO Adrian" " I am ok hun" I went back out and was so pissed I pinned him. After the match they took me to the hospital and the eye swolled up so bad I couldn't even see out of it. They heavyweight coach went into the Er room with me. He was a huge guy at 6-6 300+. He always acted like MR. Macho man and would whoop our arses during practice and ran practice like a drill sergeant.

Well he was standing next to my hospital bed leaning against the wall when the Doc came in to see me. The nurse brought in a tray with a bunch of tools on it. The dr. had to lance my eye to drain it before he could sew it up. When he cut me the blood squirted everywhere. My coach passed out and slid down the wall.:laugh:

It took like 4 orderlies to carry him out of the room and wake his arse back up. After the Doc sewed me back up I went to the waiting room to see him and get my ride back home. He kept begging and pleading me not to tell anyone he passed out. Well the very next practice we all got our revenge on him.:laugh:

When we rolled out the mats we all started passing out and dropping and rolling around the mats.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: He was so embarrassed he left to go get a drink. He never busted our nads the same way ever again.;) ;) ;)

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Wow! Great story tommy! :rotflmao: !

Ah, the dirty tricks. :evil: Seemed like as soon as you thought you saw it all, somone would pull something new. Anything from not showering for a week before the match (Whew!:shutup: ), to biting. The storys we could tell over a beer!:cheers:

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Or sneaking one long finger nail past the ref at weigh in. Or not shaving before the match and using the stubble to grind into you. Or using a lotion to make you slippery. I had this one guy in a head and arm and was going to cinch it for the pin and he popped right out. Another guy who had acne so bad and that crap was popping and sliming all over you. I will never forget that one. I never wanted to wrestle that scum bag ever again.

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