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Early in the season we had a ton of trouble forcing turnovers.

Late in the season and into the playoffs we turned this around and were forcing multiple turnovers per game. I didn't notice too many defensive changes that led to this. Anyone see anything I missed? Hopefully next year we can get out to a strong start in the turnover department. With more turnovers forced early in the year we may have been able to win close games like the Denver and KC games. Who knows?

One thing that I did find interesting actually was our ability to knock down balls at the line. We had a lot of trouble early in the year at getting to the QB with the front four. Maybe Gregg Williams focused more on getting hands up at the line to disrupt passes, which was great towards the end of the season.

So what do you guys think? Why the turnaround in the turnover department? Is this a coaching thing and can it continue in the future?

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