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I love you REDSKINS and don't give a *** that we didn't win!!


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You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, it would have been nice to have gone on to next week's game, but even with the ride stopping here, it has been one of the best season's ever for the skins -- I am not just being sentimental or consoling myself -- this definitely ranks as one of the seasons where Ws and Ls are almost secondary to the intangibles of the game -- the HEART, THE NEVER-SAY-DIE ATTITUDE, THE NEW FACES THAT WE ALL HOPE WILL BE SKINS FOR A LONG TIME TO COME (MOSS, ROGERS, AND HOPEFULLY ONE DAY CAMPBELL), THE OLD GUYS (BROWN, WHO'S LIKE 100 YEARS OLD)

you guys have done so much that there is nothing to be ashamed of in this loss -- I really stopped caring so much about the SB, as crazy as that sounds, and just started admiring what these players did just to get to this

nothing short of incredible

all I can say is we got farther than anyone thought we would, and those come-from-behind wins against Dallas and Philadelphia, as well as that sweet revenge against the Bucs, will make this a very happy offseason


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