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I just had my wisdom teeth cut out this morning, how long will I be on the IR?  

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  1. 1. I just had my wisdom teeth cut out this morning, how long will I be on the IR?

    • Damn..... your'e gonna be hurting a while.
    • Just a day or two
    • Don't be a Pu$$y.... get out of bed now.

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I know this board is for posts related to the Skins but I just wanted to take a minute and offer some kudos to a couple of our moderators, namely Blade and Die Hard. As a newbie to this site I have bothered both of them with questions about different elements of the board and how to do different little things. In every instance when I sent a PM to either or both of them, they both answered in a very timely, patient, and courteous manner. I think that's important to note because I'm sure they are bombarded with questions from users like myself. I'm also sure that some of us, me included can probably ask some silly questions that could have been answered in the FAQ's if we had been patient enough to look through them. It's just a pleasure to interact with all the Skins fans here and the moderators make it even better. Don't think I forgot you Art.....I know you are the same caliber as Blade and Die Hard.

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I'm no where near the same as Die Hard and Blade. I'm a jerk and I usually snap at people and tell them to quit being stupid. Ok, I don't, but, Blade and Die Hard are the heart of this site. Om, Buddha and myself just pitch in a little here and there. You keep those two guys a whole level or two above the rest of us and we're ok with it.

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