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What color jerseys are we wearing this week?


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Does anyone know what color jerseys we are wearing againist seattle, because i hope its the all white ones.

Also what is the talk about reggie wayne, eric moulds, and T.O. Does someone have inside information or is this a daydream in someones mind.

I would like to know how true these comments are and how close we can really get to getting another big play wr.

Also not to mention does anyone think that another wr could hurt this team that means less balls to moss and cooley, is this a good thing? The NFL is not like madden where you can have two big play wr's and hook there stats up ridicousouly. Last time i checked moss and smitty were the best wr's in the nfc. Neither have big play guys next to them.

Just curious though somebody reply back with deep thoughts.

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