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MN: Redskins back in Super Bowl hunt with Gibbs in charge


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http://www.mercurynews.com/mld/mercurynews/sports/13608645.htm Full Article

Redskins back in Super Bowl hunt with Gibbs in charge

BY ASHLEY FOXKnight Ridder Newspapers

PHILADELPHIA - Minutes after the Washington Redskins became the first team ever to advance in the playoffs by gaining 120 measly yards, Joe Theismann slipped into the visitors' locker room at Raymond James Stadium and sought out his former coach.

"It was ugly, wasn't it?" Joe Gibbs said to Theismann, referring to his team's 17-10 win over Tampa Bay on Saturday.

"Yeah," the ESPN analyst and former quarterback replied. "It was. But it doesn't matter. It was a win."

Yes, it was. And that is what Joe Gibbs does in the postseason. He wins.

It took all of two years to the day from when Gibbs was rehired as Washington's head coach for him to notch the franchise's first playoff victory since 1999. Now, an organization that was in chaos for most of Gibbs' 12-year hiatus is back in the Super Bowl hunt, proving for good that, be it the mid-1980s or 2006, Joe Gibbs knows football.


Gibbs also won the respect of his players with his open-door policy. When the team was sputtering at 5-6 and on course to miss yet another postseason, Gibbs asked his veterans what the coaches should do.

"He's one of the nicest coaches I've played for," defensive end Phillip Daniels said. "He's a man that will go to battle and protect your back. He's one of those guys who always wants to know what the players think and wants to make sure we're OK. ... You don't hardly ever get a coach who wants to know how the players feel. Half of them don't care. They just want to win."

With five consecutive victories down the stretch, the Redskins finished the regular-season 10-6, an impressive record considering that 10 of their games were against teams that won at least nine times. Three of Washington's wins were over divisional champions: Chicago, the New York Giants, and, on Oct. 2, the Seahawks.

Think folks inside the Beltway aren't talking Super Bowl? Think again.

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This is a good read... makes me even more confident for the game coming up. Even if we don't play our best ball, I think Gibbs has instilled in the players the heart to win games. They do they best, and gut it out to the finish.

I think the winning streak supports that.

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