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1st Annual Truth Awards..This site is funny as hell


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These guys are blacksportsonline are fools..lol..They have these truth awards where they are sh*tting on a lot of athletes, but a lot of it are true..Here are the most funny ones and the link to the site if you want to read the entire list of awards


“Basketball player who no matter what he does will always be crucified for

bending a white girl over a hotel chair award goes to”:

Kobe Bean Bryant

Here is what Kobe has been broken down to: He’s brandish as a selfish, the first

player who only thinks about himself and not the team. The media has slammed him

for this for years, so when Bean drops 62 in three quarters against the Mavericks and

then decides on his own not to shoot for 80 and beyond probably thinking the media

will now see him as more of a team guy guess what happens? He gets blasted the next

day for not staying in the game and taking more shots. Bean, if you are reading this

the lesson to be learned here is the day you snitched on Shaq and got caught sleeping

with a white girl, it was over for you when it came to the media. No matter what you do,

you will be portrayed as the bad guy. So do us all a favor and forget about we think

and continue to drop 62 on teams in 3 quarters and be the player that is the closer to

Michael Jordan of this generation.


“The award for no matter how many Chunky Soup commercials you make you

still blew the Super Bowl”

Donovan McNabb

I am not here to talk about if McNabb is turning away from his black culture as the

head of NAACP stated (you would think that the NAACP would have better things to do

than talk about D Mac). I am not here to talk about the *****-fest that was T.O. vs.

McNabb. I am not here to talk about the so-called leadership or non-leadership skills of


The only thing that matters to me and that has been lost in this drama that has

been in this drama filled year of the Philadelphia Eagles is that they had the New

England Patriots on the ropes and because of Donovan McNabb. They blew their

opportunity to in the Super Bowl. They were clearly the better team on the field but

McNabb’s costly interceptions in the red zone and his inability for whatever reason to

run a two minute drill will stand in my mind as one of the biggest choke jobs in the

history of sports.


“The I wish I had a video camera at that party award goes to:”

The Minnesota Vikings "Baby got Back" Boat Party

Lap dances, strippers, porn stars and evidence shredding; what more can you

ask for at a party? To some of the naïve readers out there, these type of parties are

not unusual for professional athletes. What is unusual is that the Vikings decided to

have it on a family lake environment. The funniest part to me is the media going

through the trash after some Vikings players took a convenient trip to the junkyard to

throw away some evidence. If there is a God there is a videotape floating around which

would soon become an Internet download of Pam and Tommy Lee proportions.


“The stop you’re *****ing, whining, complaining until you get your completion

% up award goes to”:

Michael Vick

I have never seen such a big baby. Let me explain something to you Mike when

you are a QB with a 100 million dollar contract and hype to be the greatest this since

being able to download music illegally you are going to get picked on. If “Garbage”

Harrington and Kyle Boller can handle it like men then you should be able. There are

people who still question Tom Brady, but you don’t seem him having hissy fits and

hanging up phones during conference and *****ing out reporters because you can’t

complete a 5-yard hitch route. Mike, it is time to man up stop *****ing and get your

team to the Super Bowl and prove that you are more than hype.

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Did you watch the first half of the game?

I did and I have to agree that I never felt at any point that Philly was dominating - although I would say the same about the Pats until they pulled away during the 4th quarter. The score at the half was 7-7. As I mentioned, N.E. pulled away in the fourth, and then a Philly touchdown at the end made it close. I would say that the summary is somewhat skewed...

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