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Why bother showing up


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If you read and listen to all the 'experts', the Redskins might as well not even bother taking the flight west. Just mail in the forfeit Mr. Gibbs. Have all the fellas clean out their lockers and head home for the off-season. Go down to Daytona Joe, and watch Tony, Denny and J.J. turn left for 500 miles and enjoy your time off.

But, it's a good thing that Joe Gibbs doesn't listen to the media and all those so called 'experts'. Because, if he did he would never have won three Super Bowls with three different QB's. He would never have made the leap to NASCAR and taken a chance, and risked all his hard earned money. He would have never won three NASCAR Championships if he had listened to all the 'na sayers'.

Thank you Joe Gibbs, for being the man you are!

And thank you Washington Redskins for making this 2005-2006 season great!

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As Norv Turner said, for 6 days the media can talk and analyze teams and games from a million and one perspectives; but on that seventh day, there's a 60 min period where these two teams get to tell the media, SHUT UP AND LISTEN.

We'll get that moment as well. I just hope our players are listening and realize that they're still nothing in the eyes of the media.

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Look at it this way:

All the pressure is on Seattle.

They're the #1 seed, at home, after a bye.

They have a great record, which they know was padded with NFCW opponents.

Everyone is picking them to crush the Redskins.

Vegas is trying to convince bettors that the Hawks will win by 10.

So . . . don't you think that's a lot of pressure?

If the game starts poorly for them, if it's raining, if the Skins D makes a play . . .

Might all that pressure feel like the weight of Stlas on their shoulders?

Whereas the Skins have no expectations (other than their own) whatsoever?

I like our chances. A lot.

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