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This thread is for all the Seahawk trolls.


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I feel just about spend with all these Seahawk and media "experts" with their tunnel vision type of analysis and stupid logic about our team.

I like to remind these "experts" and the Seahawk fans a few facts.

Don't get too stuck up in this 120 yard business because it’s going to hurt your feeling come Saturday. This same "pathetic" offense some how is ranked 11th in the league, somehow has a 1500 yard RB, somehow has an H-back with 71 catches, somehow has a WR with over 1,400 yards and a QB with over 3,000 yards passing and over 20 TDs, oh which btw is his best numbers in his career. And somehow is being led by a man that has won 3 SBs with 3 different QBs, and 3 different RBs and has a 17-5 playoff record. No sir he didn’t have to have names like Reggie White and Brett Fahr, and certainly he didn’t have to wait years to win in the playoffs….opps I forgot you guys still haven’t won under Mike. My mistake.

I mean if you and the media idiots going to try and look at one game where Portis was in and out of the lineup and really the offense didn't have much to do since we were up 17-3 why don't you look at the NE-SD game earlier in the season where NE got smacked and I mean SMAKED by SD in their own house? You guys remember that game when a lot of media idiots were saying the same crap after words...NE is done etc etc. Guess what. NE made it and now they are the favorites to go to the SB while SD is at home watching.

It was one game "experts" and Seahawk fans and in fact if you think about it for a team ranked 11th in offense to have such an off day and still win the ball game...away, without its top CB and without an incredible impact player like ST for a half (why do you think TB almost tied up the game, if Taylor was in there that pass is probably picked/broken up) against the number one defense in the league....it should be scary as :pooh: After all this is the same team that had no problem in hanging 35 and 31 points on Dallas and Giants just a few weeks ago, with a lot on the line. Teams that the Seahawks were very very fortunate to beat.

So go ahead and talk trash Seahawk fans, but at least try to be a little more "smart" about it. After all if you like to look at past or recent history we own you through and through.

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Exactly people only look at last weeks preformance when you have to look at them all as one to really get an understanding of a team. I hope we are the big underdogs that just makes it that much better when we win.

I couldn't agree more. So we had a bad offensive day against the #1 D in the NFL. That doesn't change the FACT that we won AND if you look at the WHOLE season, we have the #13 Offense and the #9 Defense in the NFL.

I'm not making those numbers up - anyone can look them up - those are FACTS!

Go Skins!

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