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Yes this is another ''media hates redskins'' thread, but hold on for a minute try and catch that follow the road commercial where the actor Don Cheadle(hotel rowanda,crash,boogie nights)is talking about if he was an NFL legend while he's talking they show different hall of fame players flash on the screen, but then i noticed something disturbing... that commercial had every team in the playoffs right now that are making a run for the superbowl''EVERY TEAM'' except you guessed it..the Washington Redskins, I know this topic is old and people have talked about it day in and day out but I just had to mention that commercial because it was just mind boggling the media just dismisses the Redskins:(,now after seeing that commercial i'm just hoping that we win these last games and git to the big show,and have people look at that commercial and say" hey why are'nt the Redskins in there?"...

End rant::rant:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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