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I Can't Believe The Negative Comments And Na-sayers!


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1. We just won five games in a row to get in the playoffs (haven't been there since 1999)

2. We just won our first round playoff game IN the opponents stadium (tampa has never lost a home playoff game in raymond james)

Despite these accomplishments and many others we have accomplished this season (beat dallas and eagles twice, does anyone realize how long it's been since we've dominated dallas and the eagles) everyone starts jumping ship on some of the key players and coach (Gibbs) that got us to where we are at. I know our offense didn't perform well yesterday, but whose offense runs on all cylinders every week, game in and game out. Answer.....NO ONES!

Everyone just needs to calm down and have faith in the team that we love. Why would anyone on this site demand changes on our first successful season in six years just for one bad game! Coach Gibbs will come up with something, let's not forget he's won three superbowls. Gregg Williams side of the ball defiantly carried us against the BUCS, but that's why they call it a football team (and most importantly the players know this). If one facet of your game isn't functioning your partner, teammates, and friends are going to be there to watch your back and step up for you.

I apologize for ranting on-and-on, but all the negative posts as of late are dissapointing. I thought we are the fans of this team, not the media, critics, or scrutinizers. Please no more negativity, WE WON YESTERDAY, it's a great feeling and we can't forget the players that got us here!


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Guest GibbSkins11


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Great Post! Secondly don't forget the constant injury bug we have been fighting all year and still we make it to the second round of the playoffs. I've heard announcers on ESPN all season talk about how the poor Patriots have had to battle injuries all year to get where they are, AFC East champions.

But no one has mentioned the problems we have faced, and are still facing (Reynaldo Wynn), and yet the Redskins live to fight another day!

Hail Skins!

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I really am disappointed in some of our chicken little fans.

Negativity in the face of excellent results is simply insane.

These are the same people that complain about how hard life is after you win the lottery and complain about sunburn after a day at the beach with their loved ones.

Try to appreciate the moment and trust the coaching staff that has gotten us to the second round of the playoffs!

If you need a pick-me-up, consider where the fans of the other 25 NFL non-playoff teams are today in their thoughts.

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Hey Gunnyhud, I see you are pretty new to Extremeskins. The one thing I have learned about a lot of members here, if they couldn't biatch, they wouldn't be happy. I agree with you, this site can be a deppressive in itself. Just post how you feel, and screw the people who try to bring you down about it.

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