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Skins "Dream Team" Offensive Line?


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Here's thought...If you could choose any five past/present Offensive Lineman to make a Dream team OL who would you choose? Add one more for a short yardage Jumbo Package. Place them where you want.

My picks are: Russ Grimm - Center, Joe Jacoby - Left OT, Chris Samuels - Left OG, Jim Lachey - Right OG, and John Jansen - Right OT. Add Tre Johnson for my Jumbo package.

I'd call them "Hell Hogs".


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Russ started at guard but could play center if need be

relative to ability and not size I pick...Lachey at LT Samuels at LG (I think he could do it) Grimm at Center May at RG and Jansen at RT

Any all-time Redskins offensive line team has got to include Joe Jacoby. Period.






Reserves- Schlereth, Jansen, Starke, Tre Johnson

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