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Karma Thread - Tampa Bay


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I think we better get started on our weekly karma thread.

For those of you that don't know how this works, its simple: Say nice things about the opponent in order to increase our balance of good karma for the upcoming game.

I'll get us started:

-Tampa has hot cheerleaders.

-The pirate ship is kinda cool.

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Doug Williams!!

Doug Williams! Hell yeah!

The Cheerleaders.

I'd stick my @ so far up their @ they'd be wearing my @ for a hat! lol

Nice weather. (minus the hurricanes)

The ship IS cool.

Their new color scheme. The old orange/white was quite gay.

Pewter and red is pretty cool.

Gruden is a good coach.

I wish him well.

Now, may the best team win!!!


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I like Tampa because I live here!

Ybor City ROCKS!!!

Channelside ROCKS!!!

The Bolts RULE!!!

Ya gotta love a city where you can walk around in the wintertime in shorts and a t-shirt...AT NIGHT!

Raymond James is a really cool stadium, and I do like the new Bucs logo and uniforms...the old ones sucked.

Yup...Tampa is an awesome town! :cheers:

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#1 D, props for that.

Galloway is faster than ever it seems.

I haven't seen the cheerleaders yet, but I will soon and i'm sure they're plenty hot.

I had front-row seats on the 15-yard line for the last game, and yes, the Bucs Cheerleaders are SMOKIN'!!! :notworthy

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Tampa Bay is a beautiful city to see at night.

They have a nice looking bridge spanning the bay.

Its the lighting capitol of the world.

They have a hockey team the Capitals can beat.

Hot cheerleaders.

Many nice golf courses.

They have a very well-put-together web site.

They have the 2nd best fans in the league.

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