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Ok so I'm bored and someone asked me to post this

A guy walks into a bar, during happy hour, with a monkey on his shoulder

he sits down at the bar and the monkey sits on the bar

The monkey get interested in the food sitting on the bar,

picks up a carrot stick and eats it

Goes down the bar a little more and helps himself to the celery sticks

The other bar patrons are enjoying the entertainment

A little whiile later, the monkey jumps off the bar and jumps on the pool table

He picks up cue ball and swallows it

The bartender flips out

"Hey Man! Your stupid monkey just swallowed my cue ball. How are my customer going to be able to shoot pool now?"

The owner of the monkey apologises to the bartender and gives him fourty dollars for the missing cueball, then leaves

About a month later, the guy with the monkey goes back into the bar, at happy hour, and sits down

The monkey starts to work his way down the bar to the food.

he picks up a carrot stick, looks at it for a moment, sticks up his @$$, then eats it.

He moves down the bar and does the same thing with the celery stick

The bartender is outraged

"Hey Man! That is DISGUSTING! What is wrong with your monkey?"

The owner of the monkey clamly looks at the bartender and says

"Remember when I was in here last and the monkey swallowed your cue ball?"

The Bartender says "Yea, I remember"

The monkey's owner says " Well, ever since he pooped out that cue ball, he measures EVERYTHING before he eats it"

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Sorry that it was kind of long

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