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Thought this was reeeeeeal funny...

The Batman

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Stumbled across this on the Dallas forum after our week 2 victory in a thread about Snyder celebrating TD #2 in the booth. This was stated in response to another poster saying that we acted like it was our superbowl. Thought y'all might get a kick out of this.

The 'Skins have all the makings of a 5-10 team,,,,that will mean the basement in the division for them. He won't be celebrating then.



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It WAS our super bowl!

Beating them again was our second superbowl.

Hell, I died of a stroke before we made it to the playoffs! (it was a blissfull death)

What more could any Redskin fan want?

Making it to the playoffs is way beyond comprehension to most.

The fact that we actually have a chance to go ALL THE WAY is every skinsfans dream.

I think I'm having a heart-attack!


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