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Tampa Matchup vs. Skins


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With our defensive backfield depleted, I feel the Bucaneers are a good matchup for the Skins because they have 1 good WR (galloway). I'm hoping Carlos Rogers can play next week if Springs is unable to play.

What are your thoughts regarding this?

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I am somewhat concerned about Cadillac Williams this Saturday. I guess that stems from Williams' re-emergence during the latter portion of the season as well as the likes of Bruce Perry gaining 70 yards against our defense.

Hopefully we can force Simms into committing some mistakes.

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I'm actually concerned for stopping both the pass & the run.

Last time we played, Cadillac was either out or banged up.

Alstott looked like his old self.

The Eagles got some good gains on the ground tonight.

They'd have stayed in the game if they didn't abandon the run.

Let's hope our guys get healthy and can keep the train moving!

Go 'Skins !!

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