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How big is QB experience in the playoffs?


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So in the playoffs, what is more important.....Qb talent or playoff experience? If it is experience, we may be in good shape due to Brunell's extenstive experience in Jax. Look at the rest:

Hasselbeck...several playoffs starts all chokes

Delhomme...quality QB who has gone to the show....Cats in good hands.

Manning, Simms, and Grossman....Can you get any greener?

We'll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I say it is pretty big. You see what happen in the pats first super bowl run. Brady had gotten injured, you think that will be bad but it was not becuase Bledsoe had the expirence to handle big games like that. Brady rested that week against the Stellers . and we know what happen after that. My point is that it dose not hurt to have the experience. Even if you are a back up.

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