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I'll take my crow deep fried, please


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Major props to the skins and the fans who, when the team was 5-6 said the team would make the playoffs. After those miserable mid-season losses, the skins didn't seem to be on the right track. What a run? It wasn't always a pretty run but like Al Davis used to say "just win, baby"

My hope for the team is that they can get healthy enough to be able to do something now that they have made the "dance".

.....unbelievable!....... :helmet:

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I stated the Skins would finish 10-6 earlier in the season, and they have, but nowhere near in the manner in which I expected. They won games I figured they'd lose, and lost games they should have won.

I'll take it anyway you can slice it! Great run. Now let's do something in the playoffs.

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