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2005 ended on a bad note...


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with the Giants winning the NFC East (1st and goal at the 1 year line, Raiders? Jeez.. :doh: ), but let's start 2006 off right with a win against the Eagles and a playoff berth!!

:eaglesuck :eaglesuck :eaglesuck

Congrats to the Giants they deserve it this year..Hope we get to see them again.

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Giants outperformed us for the most part this year, even with their lacking in recent games. Tip of the hat to them, especially Tiki for carrying the team. We'll see you guys next year. But, we still have our playoff hopes alive, and we will meet them in the playoffs (Or Tampa, whichever is fine).

Did I mention that I have officially placed Mike Alstott (The Nugg), John Gruden, and Little Simms on the 'Talentless Hacks' list?

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