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Great Santana Moss interview on NFL.com


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GREAT INTERVIEW! Look at the difference in attitude in him and Coles. Man we should have known Coles was a depressed mofo, and never would be happy.

This guy loves it here!

As he said, he looked at Coles' numbers, and decided that if given the opportunity he'd make the most of it, and could be just as productive if not more.

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Right-hand colum under the "NFL Network - Video Features" heading. Then look for "NFL Total Access: Santana Moss interview."

You know, I just really need a bigger monitor. I never realized what I was missing, and right before I read your post I was saying "doh" to myself, thinking I didn't scroll the bar.

Thank you, and forgive me, this was a migraine sort of day!


Happy new year!

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