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Dec. 30: Joe Salave'a


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From LiveStrongSkins

Big Joe,

As fans we all love your determination despite having injuries that most could not play on. My question is: Are the defensive players lobbying hard to keep Coach Williams in DC, or do you guys just realize it's a business and let him make his own decision?

Joe Salave’a

You know, at some point, we’ll cross that road. Right now, we’re just trying to be the best defensive unit we can be. At some point though, that decision is going to be up to Coach Williams and his family and whether he feels it’s necessary. But you know you always get attached to some of these good coaches, and he’s one of them. Right now we’re just focusing in on trying to win a big game this weekend. Hopefully, whatever decision he makes its best for both parties.

From carter23

My Question:

First off, thanks Joe for being a Redskin... We love your heart and hustle, and can tell how much fun you are having.. We appreciate it. My question:

The nfl pro shop has already released NY Giants 2005 NFC East Champions apparel, the Tuesday before the games have even been played... Has the team heard about that? Has it fired everyone up even more? Hopefully we can take it from them! Please let everyone know how much this upcoming game vs. the Eagles means to us!



Joe Salave’a

You know, we heard through the grapevine that that was going on. It was one of those cases where we’re going into our game and we heard through sources that they already were planning on popping the champagne at FedEx. But we don’t get involved in those kinds of things. All we knew going into that game was that we wanted to make it as physical and competitive as possible and delay that celebration. You can never count your eggs before they hatch. They’re going to do what they want to do. Our main focus is winning and dominating this division, which is something that hasn’t been done for a while. That’s a big goal for us. Whatever they want to do, that’s fine (laughs)

From JimmiJo

Joe - tell us about your afterplay antics that everyone is talking about. Something about a dog and a fire hydrant?

Joe Salave’a

(laughs out loud) I’ll tell you what! I don’t know where that came from! When you get involved in a high-emotion electrifying game, sometimes the excitement takes a hold of you. I’m not sure, they were looking for it. A couple guys approached me about a dog – but I didn’t see it. Obviously I didn’t see the game film cause there was a dog out there, probably marking his territory out there (laughs)!

From Amber S





Joe Salave’a

Oh man….probably one of the toughest linemen that I’ve faced is the guard from Seattle, Hutchinson (Steve). Obviously at this level, they’re all good. You’ve got to prepare yourself every week and you face guys like Larry Allen and the list goes on. Those are some of the toughest guys I’ve come across. One of the quarterbacks that I’d like to have the chance to sack is Peyton Manning.

Extremeskins Follow-up

I think in early February, you might have a chance..

Joe Salave’a

(laughs) We’ll see. Lets win first and we’ll get to that when its time.

From Extremeskins Staff

Over the past 5 weeks, when covering games, talking to you guys in the locker room, at the team hotel, or on the phone, you all say ‘we’ve got to worry about the next game’. Is everybody on the team really that sold on believing you have to focus on that next game, or is that just something the coaches say? Do the players realize for the past 5 weeks, you’ve been a playoff team every week?

Joe Salave’a

You know, it goes back again to what we’ve been saying since we first met last year – our division record, we’d only won like 3 games over the past 4 years in the division. That was one of the goals we wanted, to be dominant and turn the tide and get some sort of respect back for this organization. Having said that, we also had to win the non-division games within the NFC. I think we’ve been doing a great job – you can’t really focus on the outside scenarios, you’ve got to take care of what’s in front of you. The Philadelphia Eagles are a team that got the best of us the last time we went up there. We want to make sure by the end of the season that we’re a force to be reckoned with in the NFC East. Its one of the most competitive conferences. I think a lot of people believe so and that’s what we’re focusing on. If we’re fortunate, we’ll get a win this weekend. I tell you what, you might not want to blink – the Redskins, we’ll be coming.

From inmate running the asylum

Joe, I understand you are one of the strongest Redskins on the team. How many pounds do you bench press and how many reps of 225 lbs can you do?

Joe Salave’a

Oh boy. I haven’t really lifted heavy for quite awhile, but 225 the last time I did it about 8 years ago, maybe 37 reps.

From SkinsTillIDie


How would you respond to critics who claim that we do not create enough of a pass rush?

Joe Salave’a

You know, everybody’s entitled to an opinion. One of the big things that we wanted to accomplish was to have some sort of a solid front. Having said that, you’re going to have to make the game one dimensional. You’re going to face teams that are going to stack the line of scrimmage to combat us. We’ve been fortunate to have the four man front healthy now, and the offenses aren’t keeping too many people in. Week in and week out, we’re going to face some schemes where a lot of offensive people, because of the kind of pressure team that we are, are going to load up the box and have only 2 receivers out wide. So it makes it hard for the pass rush to get there. But guys are fighting hard to get there. You saw what happened when Phillip Daniels got his opportunities. When it comes down to it, now we’re seeing a lot more one on ones and our chances of getting there are higher. We aren’t worried about what people are saying as long as we get the W on the scoreboard.

From adarsh1

Hey Joe

How has Gregg Williams helped you grow as a player?

Joe Salave’a

Well, I don’t know. You’ve got to understand Gregg Williams. All of his intention is to try to put people in position to make plays. You have to buy into his system. It’s a little different one because he’s a disciple of Buddy Ryan. What he’s done is add wrinkles to it, and its amazing. Its an impressive defense. When its executed its like a good, smooth jazz. But I’m fortunate to reap the benefits. He’s given me another chance to be here playing for him. And having Greg Blache and some of the people he’s brought in gives commonality as far as being competitive and winning at all costs. You have no choice but to rise up and take the challenge. I owe him a lot. There’s not so many people that, the guys that we have on this defensive unit are incredible, we’re sort of a ‘no-name’ defense – but that’s okay. We have people enough in this organization that believed in us. You’re starting to see guys like Ryan Clark – you don’t want to get hit by Ryan Clark because he’ll separate your soul and your body for a split second (laughs). But that’s just a mark of a coach, he’ll see potential and he’ll try to get it. Gregg Williams is one of those guys.

From buckeyeG

This is probably the most important question we can ask. No matter how many sacks you get, whether you beat the Eagles or don’t beat the Eagles, this is the question that will define you…

Gas, or charcoal?

Joe Salave’a



What do we have to do to win this Sunday?

Joe Salave’a

Well, defensively we have to make this game one-dimensional. We have to really attack the offense and get whatever quarterback they have there out of his rhythm and try to disrupt their game plan. You look at the film, they’re very talented. We have to be on our toes as far as where we need to be. Offensively, we’ve just got to keep on doing what we do - smash mouth football. Special teams is going to be huge. Its been huge for us the last couple games. I think the most important thing now we’re seeing is guys are healthy. With a healthy Redskin’s team, I like our chances.

From dcsmooth

Big props to Joe Salave'a,

First of all, I like to thank you for the dominate player you are and how you are a major force at stopping the run up the middle. I was certainly glad to see Griffin, Daniels and yourself play the game healthy this season. When you three guys are healthy and playing together, It's like watching a wrecking crew at work!

One question: When we make it to the playoffs, in the first round, what team do you think might give the Redskins' defense the most difficulties, due to their offensive linemen? Regardless of what team it might be, we will prevail any how!

One request: After a sack, force fumble or a tackle in the backfield... please mark your territory again, if Gibbs don't mind.

Joe Salave’a

(laughs) If things fall in place….right now it doesn’t matter. Just to get an invitation to be a part of the playoff scene, for a long time for a lot of us players, they can handpick whoever. I think these guys are ready. That’s the best thing about it – you win you go on, you lose you’re done. We’ve proven that we’re a team that not too many people were talking about and that’s all the more reason to hand-pick one of the toughest and we’ll put our guys up.

From DaPosse

Hey Joe,

Looks like this Moats guy is a speedster and I suspect the Eagle will try to get him out in the open with some screens and pitches. Can you please explain for us simple minded folk, how do you D-linemen defend the screen? How can you tell if a screen pass is going to happen? Thanks! And keep up the pressure on these feeble QBs!

Joe Salave’a

Most of the time there are formation tendencies, you can tell from formations or the way the box is set up. That’s always one of the keys for people to see it coming. We call those slow-down plays. The offense is really trying to slow down the rush. They’ll use those dink and dunk screens to combat the pressure and the rush of the defensive line. They’re never going to slow us down, we’ve got to rally to the ball and get the guy down.

From jpark

In the average work week, how much time would you say the average player spends watching film?

Joe Salave’a

You’re looking at getting in here 6, 6:30 in the morning. We leave here about the same time about 6 days a week. That’s a lot of hours. Its about 3/4ths of each day. It’s a professional league and you’ve got to maximize all the resources. Watching film is the best tool for you to understand what you do, and like they say in the NFL, ‘not for long’. If you keep losing, that’s part of losing, you don’t know your opponent. So there’s a lot of time invested in this.

From MustangSteve

Hey Big Joe,

Congrats on smoking the Cowboys and Giants and this great run to the Playoffs!!!!

Can you tell us what has gotten into this team that has made you all so dominant these last few weeks. Is it something that has changed on the practice field, or was is it from the team meeting and tasting the Playoffs that lit a fire in this team?

Thank You and please Rudely Remove that last obstacle in our way called the Eagles, best of luck through the Playoffs!!!!

Joe Salave’a

Oh man. You couple the health issue, guys finally getting healthy, all the different teams, defense, offense, special teams – it helps a lot. The key factors – we’ve been working hard. If you go through practice with the Redskins, you can make it anywhere in the league as far as your preparation. It’s a high-tempo, intense workout. We have guys we’ve added on the practice squad from other teams, and they couldn’t believe the way we practice. Simply put, guys understand their roles, their techniques, better now than they did early in the season. We want to achieve dominance by doing the little things and that’s watching films and knowing our match-ups.

From Extremeskins Staff

Thanks Joe – go up there and beat the Eagles and we really appreciate your giving so generously of your time!

Joe Salave’a

Thanks guys
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