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Ok - I know that the only thing that really matters is the Redskins need to beat Philly on Sunday.

But - since we're fans and not playing in the game, it doesn't matter if we also do a little looking ahead. I have seen surprisingly little talking about the various playoff outcomes depending on who wins/loses this weekend.

So - I'd like to know who we'd play in the first round in various circumstances.

Option A (which I consider most likely): NYG win, Redskins win, Tampa wins, Carolina wins

I believe this means we would go to Tampa for our first playoff game. As in - we're the #6 seed and they're #3.

Option B (next most likely): NYG win, Redskins win, Tampa wins, Carolina loses, Dallas wins

I think this would mean we're the #5 seed and the Cowboys are #6. So in this case - we'd play at the Giants and the Cowboys would play @Tampa.

I think I'd rather play @Tampa than @NYG. So scenario 1 is actually better, even though it means we'd be seeded lower.

Finally, if the Giants lose and we win, we wind up as the #4 seed and I think we'd host either the Giants or Carolina. Obviously it's best to have a home game - so this is better than either of my two previous options.

So - I think the big question is should we be rooting for Carolina to win or lose this weekend? Obviously we root against the Giants and the Cowboys, but in terms of the Panthers I'm not sure. I think I'd rather play @Tampa than have to turn around and play the Giants again so soon but this time on the road. I'd like to hear other thoughts on this.

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well 36-0 or 36-35?

I know its absurd to say I would rather finish 6th than 5th but look where it puts us.

I dont care about the 35-20 beating we just gave the Giants...I would rather play the Bucs in TB than the Giants in NJ. (IMHO).

We didnt stand a chance up in NJ for round 1....not saying it would happen again but we played much better down in TB (even though we lost). I think I would rather us play at TB any day of the week.

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Seems to me that I would rather play the Bucs. I think our players will be on the warpath for that game to show that the first game against them was a fluke. Our defense was horrible in that game, and the refs sucked. I would bet our defense comes out smoking, and we don't leave anything to the refs.

We just beat NY, so you know they are going to want some revenge for that. I would rather play them later if possible.

Just to continue the thread, (and I know we should concentrate on Philly!), would you rather play at Chicago or Seattle were we to make it that far?

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really, the only game that I might see us having trouble with is playing the giants in the meadowlands. not because the giants are that good, just because it is the meadowlands. Gibbs has always seemed to have a hard time up there. So, I think that as long as we can avoid that game, we should be able to make a run in the playoffs.

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