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PFT:Giants Falling Down The Beanstalk?


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What a difference a week makes.

Last Saturday, the Giants looked like the best threat to unseat the Seattle Seahawks as the presumptive NFC representative in the Super Bowl, following New York's pummeling of the Chiefs.

Now, the Giants are reeling after a convincing loss to the suddenly surging Redskins, and there are signs that the G-men could be coming apart at the seams.

Indeed, the worst thing any team needs at a time when every game counts is dissension in the locker room, and we're told that there's plenty of finger-pointing after the Christmas Eve Massacre at FedEx Field.

First, we're told that some players believe that tight end Jeremy Shockey and receiver Plaxico Burress quit on the team in the second half of the game.

To make matters worse, coach Tom Coughlin called for the team to gather 'round -- but Burress remained at his locker. Then Coughlin specifically told Burress to come over and Burress said, "I can hear you" (or words to that effect). Coughlin said nothing more.

Another bone of contention within the locker room is the manner in which the team has handled its injury-riddled linebacker position. The presence of guys like Alonzo Jackson and Roman Phifer, and the recent decision to give 47-year-old Jessie Armstead a look-see, has prompted at least one player to describe the situation as a "f--kin' joke."

Though we don't think any of this will keep the Giants from having a successful New Year's Eve journey to the Black Hole, the team had better be on the same page for that long flight to Oakland, because if they lose to the Raiders and the remaining dominoes fall the wrong way, the flight home could be a lot longer.

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Team dissention. This stuff starts at the top. When you rule like Coughlin does, the team is never really yours. They do what they do because you force them too, not because they want to. That is a big limiter. There just isn't the same motivation. Some guys fall into line quickly, and some hold out until they're forced too, kicking and screaming. I believe a line remains between these two groups and prevents good team chemistry.

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this is what happens when you sign and draft talent first, instead of character first

we've been hearing for the last few weeks that Burress has not been running his routes, and takes plays off... becoming a prima donna, thinking he's Randy Moss

and then Shockey, a real jackass of a player, self-centered, and just damn annoying on the field

and this is just one loss... they still have a winning record, and an easy shot at the NFC East title, and there's these problems?

you notice none of this happened anywhere on our team and we've had a much tougher season then the Giants have had

character first, lesson learned, huh NY?

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