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Will the Eagles wear their road uniforms...


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our white uniforms are sweet. I love them because we always win in them.

It's all about ATTITUDE and INTENSITY, and has nothing to do with uniforms.

Hopefully we won't be seeing the Redskins miss a bunch of tackles and drop a lot of passes. If we do, we're in deep trouble and it won't be because of the color of our uniforms.

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Guest ComebackKing
actually we are 6-1 in those uniforms i heard but i could be wrong.
Before this 4-0 streak the last time we played in Whites I think was the season opening game in 2003 vs the Jets which we won. Other than that I can't remember any times in the past 3 years. I know I personally have never seen the skins lose in white unis.
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I don't think so, the usually wear there whites at home during the early part of the season when it is hot in Philly. If not Joe Gibbs can do like Mike Shanahan did a few years ago when the went to San Diego in September and have the Broncos pack there whites.


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