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Poll: McMahon or Detmer


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Who would you prefer to start for the iggles? I stress the word "start" because I think we'll end up seing both QB's. However, I would prefer to go against McMahon because I don't think he has the touch that Koy has. If for some reason we can't get pressure on Koy, he is capable of hitting the open receivers - even better than Donovan could. Koy is very fragile, but given protection he can be scary - plus he knows the offense better than McMahon.

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I would rather Detmer. I think he is one of the biggest scrubs, ever! I actually think McMahon might be good someday. I thought he was pretty good in Detroit.

Detmer sucks!

McMahon did look good in Detroit, but he is playing scared in a system he doesn't know very well. I live in Iggle country and get the displeasure of watching them every week. When Koy has played with protection he's actually better at finding the open guys then Donovan - scary thought. Luckily they don't have decent receivers now, but that's why I'd prefer going against McMahon.

The iggles haven't kept Koy around this long for no reason - they're only problem with him is that he won't hold up without superior protection.

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it doesnt really matter which qb starts

like you said theyll just be switching around most likely

the funny part is the birdies cant run at all, and even more so against us, cuz you just know we have a beastly run d

and the birdies cant really throw it

so basically it will like playing the ravens (pre-two game streak) except without the d...

which leaves nothing....

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