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True Redskins???


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I am waiting for the cheerleader pics just like the rest of you on here... But I was curious who everybody thought/thinks is a TRUE redskin this year.

OBVIOUS nominations are Marcus Washington, Sal'vea, Wynn, Jansen, Sellars and Gregg Williams.

ANY others? CP? Moss? Springs (a true Cowboy's Fan)? Has Taylor been given his Skins4Life pendant? What about Cooley? Samuels? Or even Brunell?

Get at me...

[Frank] Robinson and [Joe] Gibbs; Presidential Ticket for 2008. Dual President and Vice Presidency... WHO's WITH ME!?!?!

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i thought smoot was a skin for life but obviously that didnt happen. I dont think you can say any of these players are Skins for life until they retire as Redskins. only guy i can say is a Redskin for life is Darrel Green. just my :2cents:

Art Monk too, JKC signed him to a 1 day contract so that he would retire as a Redskin....

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