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Did you guys know this???Go ALLEN lol


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Cool stat. Marcus Washington's middle name is Corneliu. LOL. I guess they missed the S.

Sean Micheal Taylor

Johnathan Ward Jansen

Antonio Duval Brown

James Robert Farris

Robert Shelton Royal

Lawrence Ethan Albright

CAsey Edward Rabach

Leonard Ray Brown

Derrick Dwayne Dockery

Phillip Bernard Daniels

Demetric Untrel Evans

Joe Fagaone Salave'a

Warrick Donte Holdman

Walter Lee Harris

Adebolah Jimoh

Matthew Sean Bowen

Pierson Olin Prioleau

And yes I have a lot of time on my hands. I thought it was cool to find out our players' middle names. I find it cool to find out anyone's middle name. HTTR.

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