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When a Photo says it all! (Coach Gibbs)

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First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the whole crew here...this is such a great tool for us 'Skins fans to use! :cheers:

With regards to this photo, isn't it a perfect example of why Coach Gibbs is such a great coach?! Look at the coaches around him in celebration, and the Coach just keeping the same level of temperment. I mean, all of us are gung ho fans and love to demonstrate the passion associated with success, but Gibbs is so great at keeping the focus of his team / staff even during times of adversity.

Just something I thought I'd share with you all. I can't wait for today!!

Let's go 'Skins!!!

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I want to see all of those "fans" on the game threads during that 3 game slide we had that kept badmouthing Gibbs and questioning him to come back in here so we can line em up for the firing squad.

What a freakin coach. This is why he won 3 superbowls. I didnt know much about Joe Gibbs or Redskins history years ago. I went to my first monday night game against the Cowboys and I was like 12 or so and the halftime show was some dedication to Joe Gibbs and he came onto the field at half time and the crowd went nuts. The entire stadium was chanting "WE WANT JOE! WE WANT JOE!" I turned to my dad and in my ignorance of history asked him, wait who is Joe Gibbs? He's our old coach right? And to that my dad replied: "No, he's a legend, an amazing man."

We lost that game, but I went home and learned a thing or 2 I had never been taught about the skins. Now I know more about the past than some who lived through it :)

I love this sport as much as I do this team and coach. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS.

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