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Dec. 23: Mike Sellers


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From Idaho fan

Hello Mike,

First off, I want to applaud your play and toughness that you have put on display this year. Secondly, I would like personally thank you for taking the time to give one of your gloves to my 10 year old son after the Arizona game - it meant a lot to him and me. Finally, I would like to know your thoughts on how fans can impact a game. Players often comment on how great the fans are and how much they help - do you feed off of Redskin fans during a game? Can fans help raise the level of play?

Mike Sellers

Oh man, just the cheering itself, that just brings it up. They also say ‘the 12th man’ – I wish every time we played at home, that there was always a home field advantage because it’s so loud. It’s always a plus. The louder they get, the more hyped up we get.

From hailtotheredskins89826

Let’s go beat them Giants, I live in Central Jersey and I am a diehard Redskin fan. All of my friends like the Giants. As for our last game against them I don’t even think about it. I got made fun of but it’s the Redskins turn to shine. Win our last two games ad then stomp on the Giants in the playoffs. Your one of my favorite Redskins, I love the huge hits. What is it like each game day? How is it being a pro football player under Coach Gibbs, and blocking for the wacky faces of Clinton Portis.

Go Skins!


Mike Sellers

(laughs) It’s a treat always to play for Coach Gibbs – the man is just a legend. And as for Portis, I treat him like my little brother. I’ve got to take care of him, so you know, I’ve got to make sure no one puts their hands on him. That’s the way I go into it.

From Monkart

Hi Mike!

I just listened to your locker room interview and you said you knew you guys were going to dominate, because the Cowboys said the first game was a fluke so you had something to prove. I'm sure the players hear stuff the media never does, so there for we don't either. Did you hear of anything the Giants might of said of the beating they gave us last time, that you might use as something to prove? Not wanting to give them any bill board material a Yes or No will be fine.

If it's yes and we win, please say what it was in the locker room interview. :D

Thanks again Mike

Mike Sellers

We don’t need any extra incentive. We just need to ...beat them…plain and simple. We have goals that we’re trying to meet, and they’re in the way of our goals. So we basically just need to come out and play our game, Redskin’s football. Just beat the Giants.

From Heavy Jumbo


I saw you wearing a NY Yankees jacket in your locker room interview after the Cowboys game. What's up with that? (Art adds: We need to get you a National’s jacket or an Orioles jacket – something local!)

Mike Sellers

(laughs) That jacket was for free (laughs) and it kept me warm that day!

From Heavy Jumbo

What's the mood like with the team going into the Giants game this week? Are the guys more quiet and focused or are they all fired up thinking about revenge after the debacle you all had in the first meeting?

Mike Sellers

Well, we’re just the same as we were last week. Everybody’s real serious. Practice has been real quiet. Everybody’s got their mind on their jobs and what they need to do.

From skin finatic

Hey Mike,

Another TD against the hated Cowboys. Glad you were able to be apart of the scoring fest. How do you like playing in the best rivalry in sports?

Mike Sellers

Man. Unless you’re a Redskin or a Dallas Cowboy, I don’t think anybody really really understands the hate and animosity between the two teams. You just hate them, plain and simple. And once you come to this team, that’s the first thing anybody tells you, you need to hate the Cowboys.

From 1ofDaFatBoys

Sup Mike,

How do you think your rating on madden compares to what you can really do?

Mike Sellers

Well, I don’t play video games, so I have no idea.

From LiveStrongSkins


Could you elaborate on the differences between a Joe Gibbs coached team as opposed to other teams you have played on? It seems like you guys are so close and tight knit but outside of DC you constantly hear about teams "not responding" to their head coach.

Mike Sellers

Well, I think the thing with Gibbs is, his track record is proven and the players believe in him. What he says goes. And everybody trusts in what he says and no one second guesses him ‘why’d you call this?’ or ‘why’d you do that?’ because the man is proven. Some coaches, like when I played for Norv Turner, he wasn’t really a winning coach so a lot of people second-guessed him. But Joes a winning coach and everyone has faith in him.

From Bigg Jay

Hey Bigg Mike!!

I want to thank you for your time in Winnipeg, I proudly rep my Sellers jersey at every Bomber game!

My question is, knowing your ability, how hard was it for you to be used so little last year?

Mike Sellers

I guess you go from playing in Canada and being the man to ….you know, the coaches didn’t really know what to do with me or how to use me because of my size and my strength and my speed. They were kind of like ‘where do we play this guy? Is he a fullback or is he a tight end?’. So it took them pretty much a year just to decide what to do. After that, everything’s been rollin’ ever since.

From Extremeskins.com

This is a question from the community itself. It’s the most important question we can ask. No matter how good a blocker you are, or how many touchdowns you catch, this answer will actually define how people feel about you.

Simply put – Gas, or Charcoal?

Mike Sellers

Charcoal (laughs)

From H-O-G

Mike Sellers,

Just out of curiosity, Do you prefer catching a Touchdown pass, or making a key block for Portis to get in the end zone (i.e. when you played cardinals and portis held on for a ride to the promise land!)

Mike Sellers

Making a key block. Every time.

From panel

You have blocked for Stephen Davis, and Clinton Portis, two very different types of runners, what differences if any need to be made on your part, as lead blocker as a result of having a different type of runner behind you.

Mike Sellers

Clinton Portis is more elusive. Stephen Davis was more like me, you know, just more straight down hill. Once I made my block, if I missed a guy or something, Stephen was just going to run right through him anyway.

From airborneskins

Mr. Sellers,

Why does Doc Walker refer to you as "Caveman" Sellers?

Mike Sellers

(laughs) Me and Doc, we have this great relationship. Real nice guy. We always joke around. I do all the dirty work and I guess he’s one of the few guys, the old Redskins, who had to do the same thing I did. I’ve got that ‘caveman mentality’ I guess!

From airborneskins

Can you tell us what you were thinking when you went back into the game after that special teams play (that you were injured on) against Oakland? Thanks for your time.


Mike Sellers

Aw man, to be honest with you, my adrenaline was running so high, my thought process which I’m not proud of was to get him back. And, you know, emotions are flying high, I’m an intense person on the field so it’s just amplified even more when I got hit in the back like that.

From Bangee7

Hey Mike - the es members love you...we really appreciate your tenacious style.

That being said, the burning question surrounds your nickname....

a) Caveman

B) Hummer

c) the Bull

d) other??

Thanks...keep up the great work!

Mike Sellers

(laughs hard)….Wow….I got to go with ‘other’. Tre Johnson used to call me Mike Mash (laughs). It kind of stuck with me.

From goaldeje

Is there anybody playing now or in the past that you remember as hitting you the hardest?

Mike Sellers

I’ve never been hit hard, except for being clipped in the back. But I think Levon Kirkland, running the iso-block on him. It was a stalemate, no one moved (laughs). That was probably the most painful, and most memorable hit I’ve had.

From Hail Skinz

Hey Mike,

I was just wondering how the ribs were feeling and if you think you will start to see some more balls thrown your way in the coming weeks?

Hail to the Redskins,

Jason from Jersey

Mike Sellers

My ribs are still here. How they’re feeling I won’t tell. And of course I’d love to catch more balls (laughs).

From GSF


Thanks for the fire you bring every week. Any chance of Coach Gibbs letting you pound some carries late in games?

Mike Sellers

I’ve been in Earnest Byner’s ear a lot, the running backs coach. You know, they’ve seen glimpses of it. I think maybe next year, I’ll get a lot more chances to run the ball.

From warren


I was born in Winnipeg and grew up a Bombers fan. Just curious, did you enjoy your time in the CFL? And besides the freezing cold winters...did you like the city / people of Winnipeg?

Thanks for your time...


Mike Sellers

I love Winnipeg. That’s one of my main things. After I retire from the NFL, I want to play one more year up there, because it was so much fun. It just brought me back to life when it came to football. So I love Winnipeg. I love the city, I love the fans, I love the people. It’s just a nice place to live.

From bubba9497

Any fond memories of the CFL? What are the difference between your first tour as a Redskin and now?


Mike Sellers

I have a lot of great memories, too many to even mention, from Winnipeg. I love Canada itself, but Winnipeg is real special to me. I got a chance to showcase my abilities, and the fans gave me a lot of love. My second go-round here in Washington, I’m a lot older and more mature. I’m not doing all the crazy stuff I used to do when I was younger. I’m pretty much a homebody now. I study a lot more.

Closing Statement

Mike Sellers

That 12th man is a real big deal for us. As many people as we can to join in with the crowd and get it going, you guys don’t even understand how much that helps us.
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