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Great Poem: 'Twas the Night Before Giants


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I dunno how many of y'all visit another site called hailredskins.com, but they just put up an amazing Christmas poem about the game. Take a look:

‘Twas the night before G-men, and all through NY,

Not a creature was stirring, except young Eli.

“I can’t help it coach,” he said on the phone.

“That defense of theirs might break all my bones.”

Little Manning was right to feel so afraid,

For throughout Redskins Park , new plans had been made.

Some ingenious blitzes from Gregg and his peers,

Would have that 12-year-old face crying 12-year-old tears.

I don't know about copyright rules and all that, so that's just a small part of it. The rest can be found here:


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