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We Won!!


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That game was awesome. Portis ran well, thanks to the line. Jansen cemented his spot in the probowl.

Brunell managed a great game. ST had that big pic at the end of the game to secure the victory! Man, what a great game!!! :D :laugh:

Fnck Dallas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I just wanted to be the first one to start the We Won thread. I'm sick of all the critics see you after the game.


Good luck and all our blessings the Washington Redskins, Knock Dallas Out!!!!

And to you people sitting there more nervous then a virgin on prom night, let me remind you this post is not playing the Dayum Dallas Cowgurls, our Washington Redskins are!!!!

Would it help you feel better if i told you I just brought a good friend over who happens to be an African Voodoo King with a 3 foot bone through his nose and is ready to throw something on Dallas that there mommas ajax cant scrub off? And it sure aint-a-win!!!!

If it does thats great, if it doesnt then I have better news, Hes not playing the Dayum Cowgurls either, like I said our Washington Redskins are and there more fead up with Dallas's sh*t talking then we are so chill out and learn how to enjoy life instead of thinking every wrong move you make, thing you say or way you hold your tongue will affect this game!!!! :doh:

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wow. if jinxs do exist. we're gonna lose 56-0. haha, here's hoping that you guys are right.

my pick: rock cartwright has at least one run over 20 yards, and sean taylor smacks meshawn and lays him out sealing the redskins 27-20 victory.

Prediction...this is the we won thread! It already happened.

We won 20 - 17!

Didn't you see the game???? :laugh:

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